Mythbusting provides Perspectives On Some Of The Most Common Fuel Myths

In the ongoing debate of how to best reduce dependence on foreign oil, a number of misconceptions have gotten in the way of curing our national addiction. These popular “myths” can solidify into opposing views that prevent us from arriving at a reasonable consensus. Here we provide contrary perspectives on some of the most common myths, in order to find a common ground where all Americans can work together to replace foreign oil with cheaper, cleaner American-made fuels.

Chevron VP: forget cellulosic biofuel, build better cars

The oil industry is mounting a concerted push to roll back biofuel mandates, both in Washington and Sacramento.

At the federal level, oil lobbyists have joined with environmentalists and ranchers — a Coalition of the Unlikely — to block new rules increasing the amount of ethanol that can be blended into gasoline. They’ve attacked federal mandates for the production of cellulosic ethanol (derived from grasses and woody plants) as nothing more than wishful thinking, since very little of the stuff has been made to date.