Stop Scaring CA


Despite strong support for clean energy and jobs within their memberships, the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce and the California Business Roundtable are supporting a new front group, Californians for Affordable and Reliable Energy, funded with hundreds of thousands of dollars from oil interests like the Western States Petroleum Association and Chevron.


CARE is trying to scare Californians with tired threats about energy shortages and price spikes in order to stop California’s landmark clean energy law, AB 32.

Together, the LA Chamber and Business Roundtable have nearly 2,000 companies. Business associations are usually champions for growth and jobs, and adhere to the adage that the customer is always right.

So why are these two groups siding with the largest multinational corporations in the world and against their customers and innovative companies right here in California?

You can help cut the puppet master’s strings. Tweet the LA Chamber and Business Roundtable and tell them to stop propping up big oil. Tell them to withdraw their support from CARE, and focus instead on creating jobs for the economy.