Today at 12pm! Twitter chat / Big Oil hosting closed-door meeting


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Oil companies and their allies are working to overturn California’s historic clean air, clean fuels and clean energy laws. This Thursday Big Oil is hosting a closed-door meeting in Burbank to plot their latest strategies to overturn our state’s popular and effective clean air standards.

Join the conversation this THURSDAY Jan. 24th at NOON and tell Big Oil to Stop Fooling California!

How you can join the conversation:

— Log into Twitter at 12:00pm on January 24th
— Tweet one of the messages we crafted below or write your own – be sure to use #stopfoolingCA
— Chat with others using #stopfoolingCA

Messages to Tweet:

— Californians paid $60 billion @ the pump in 2011. Oil companies spend tens of
millions to kill CA’s clean energy standards #stopfoolingCA
— Big Oil makes more in 1 minute than 96% of U.S. households make in 1 year #stopfoolingCA
— Big Oil receives more than $21.4 million in federal tax breaks per day #stopfoolingCA

We can’t fight big oil’s big wallet, but we can out-organize them and we need your help. Send this invite to your followers, listervs, friends and more to help spread the word.

– Stop Fooling CA Campaign