Oil Lobbying

Oil Industry Lobbying Expenses

Four times a year, the oil industry is required to disclose lobbying figures.

How did Big Oil stack up in the current legislative session?

(Jan. 1, 2015 – Sept. 30, 2016)


(that’s $50,750 per day)

Western States Petroleum Association
spent $16.6 million (so far)
and ranked 1st overall

Chevron spent
$6.3 Million (so far)
and ranked 4th overall

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The oil industry in California politics

In one decade, the oil industry spent more than a quarter of a billion dollars lobbying California state officials and contributing to political campaigns. The uptick in lobbying coincides with the introduction of AB 32, California’s groundbreaking clean energy law, which is decreasing emissions, strengthening the economy and creating healthier communities.

$266 Million

Influencing California policy

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Ten Years of
Lobbying Expenses

The largest Contributors

More than 1/2

of oil industry lobbying dollars in California come from
Western States Petroleum Association & Chevron

Over $75 million

Big Oil upped their game in 2014.
Big Time.

The goal? To derail plans to include transportation fuels in California’s cap-and-trade program in 2015.

Big Oil dreams of the best state legislature money can buy.

Campaign contributions by company: 2005-2014




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