Economic and Health Impacts

The oil industry costs us more than what we pay at the pump.

Every day, Californians subsidize the oil industry by risking our lungs and our health. And communities of color and low-income neighborhoods shoulder a disproportionate share of the risk.

True Costs

What’s the real price we pay for oil?

  • 7,000
    number of Californians that die prematurely from air pollution annually
  • 5
    million Californians are suffering from asthma, including 1 million kids.
  • 6
    of the 10 dirtiest cities in the nation are located in California.
  • 77
    percent of the population lives in counties with failing air quality grades.
  • 40
    percent of Californians live close enough to major roadways to experience higher health risks
  • 50
    percent of California's climate pollution is from petroleum fuels
  • 95
    percent of cancer causing diesel particulates is from petroleum fuels

True Costs

  • Children
    living in polluted areas experience slowed lung development.
  • Babies
    Air pollution and vehicle exhaust is linked to low birth weight and impaired fetal brain development.
  • Millions
    of Californians live in polluted communities.

Economic Costs

The true costs of fossil fuels use is staggering. Globally, governments spend more on the hidden costs of fossil fuels than they spend on health care, according to the International Monetary Fund.

  • 5
    trillion per year
  • 14
    billion per day
  • 600
    million per hour
  • 10
    million per minute
  • 168,000
    per second

Stalling Progress

The oil industry is slowing our transition to a clean economy. That’s not just bad for the planet, it’s bad for the economy. Market-based climate policies such as California’s AB32 create jobs, help businesses and are good for the consumer.

Jobs Businesses Consumers





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