California’s Secret To Green Jobs And A Thriving Clean Economy? It’s Policy.

California has a thriving clean economy. In fact, the Golden State boasted more green jobs in clean energy and transportation last year than the other top 4 states combined, according to a new report by Environmental Entrepreneurs.

Obama budget would end oil industry tax breaks, hike royalites

In unveiling his $3.8 trillion spending plan for the U.S. government on Wednesday, President Barack Obama revived his longstanding attack on oil industry tax breaks and formally launched a plan to pay for alternative vehicle research with drilling dollars.

While the tax plans are dead on arrival on Capitol Hill — where lawmakers have rejected similar proposals many times before — they drew outrage from oil and gas industry leaders who said Obama was seeking to use the sector as a piggy bank.

Turbulence in the Air and on the Ground for Airline Industry

The U.S. airline industry is fighting a plan to reduce climate pollution, while a new study out this week finds that climate change will lead to more turbulence and higher costs for flights spanning the Atlantic ocean.

The study, published in the scientific journal Nature, concludes that as climate pollution increases, so will atmospheric disruption and as CNN reports, this causes a “vicious circle”:

“The report concluded that ‘journey times may lengthen and fuel consumption and emissions may increase’ as a result. This increase in emissions could then intensify global warming problems, causing a vicious circle for pilots, fliers and the environment.”