The boom in U.S. oil drilling hasn’t lowered gas prices

Last year, the world  pumped more oil out of the ground than ever before in history. In the first nine months of 2012, the world produced an average of 88.8 million barrels per day, about 2 million more barrels per day than in 2010. Nearly half of that increase came from new drilling in the United States.

California leads nation in advanced bio-fuel companies, report says

It isn’t often that one gets to say that California has gotten it right in terms of attracting and supporting cutting-edge business enterprises. But in advanced bio-fuels, a new report says the state is leading the way.

E2, also known as Environmental Entrepreneurs, is a Washington-based group of business leaders who promote sound environmental policy that builds economic prosperity.”

Pollution takes heavy toll on Bay Area children with asthma

OAKLAND — The pediatric inpatient unit was quiet, except for the deep, relentless coughing. It was the sound of asthma — asthma out of control.

Two of the children who’d spent the night there, oxygen sensors glowing red around their index fingers, were ill, one with a bad cold, the other with pneumonia. But they were confined to hospital beds for a different reason: Their lungs were screaming for more air. Their illnesses had likely caused their already-sensitive airways to tighten up, choking off the flow of oxygen. And so far, nothing — not the quick-relief inhaler at home, nor hours of treatment in the emergency room — was enough to bring their breathing back to normal.

Speed Trap: Big Oil Profits from High Gasoline Prices

Time magazine reported in December that “2012 will go down as most expensive year ever for gas.” The Energy Information Administration determined that gasoline averaged $3.63 per gallon—a dime per gallon more than the previous record set in 2011. The Energy Information Administration reported that high gasoline prices were due to high crude oil prices—“with crude oil accounting for 66% of the retail cost of gasoline.”